Panic Buttons

AWS IoT Enterprise button

The AWS IoT Enterprise button is a Wi-Fi based, programmable button that is easy to configure and simple to use. You can use the AWS IoT Enterprise button to quickly create alerts.  The AWS IoT Enterprise button supports three types of clicks: single, double, and long press. This device is available for purchase and deployment in the US, Europe and Japan.

  • A programmable Wi-Fi button with easy configuration through Bluetooth.
  • Comes with X.509 certificates to securely connect to AWS servers right out of the box.
  • Supports up to 2,000 clicks.

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AT&T IoT button

The AT&T IoT button is a cellular-based, programmable button, that connects over AT&T’s nationwide (US only) LTE-M network. This device is available for purchase and deployment in the US.

  • ELIMINATE COMPLEXITY – With a simple button click, trigger the creation of an alert. 
  • SECURE and SCALABLE – Devices connect over the AT&T LTE-M cellular network to the AWS cloud using X.509 certificates. 
  • USE CASES:  Supports single, double and long press. IP66 rated for indoor and outdoor use cases.
  • LIFE: Up to 2,000 clicks or 3-years of data connectivity, whichever comes first

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