TAP App Security

TAP App Security is a cutting-edge hazard and threat management communications mobile application system designed for schools, houses of worship, and workplaces seeking to enhance safety and reduce risk. TAP App Security provides organizational leaders, employees, and other key stakeholders with the ability to instantly and effectively communicate during emergencies in real-time from their smart phones, iPads, and other mobile devices.

Executive Leadership Team

Board of Directors

Charles Garcia
President, Climb Leadership Consulting

Fmr. Head of Marketing, Bloomberg

Charles Richburg
President, Richburg Career Services, Inc.

Fmr. Dir. of Juvenile Justice, NY

Gary Bernstein
Professor of Business Administration

Fmr. Global VP of Finance, IBM

Gus Xhudo
Special Agent, U.S. Department of Homeland Security

Fmr. Regional Security Officer, U.S. Dept. of State

Victoria Roberts-Drogin
Executive Director, Women’s Leadership

Fmr. Managing Law Partner

Emergencies Happen

In today’s world, an emergency can occur at any moment. Hazards and threats come in many forms, including natural and man-made, deliberate and accidental. Regardless of the type of crises, it is imperative that leaders of schools, houses of worship, and workplaces are prepared to respond to emergencies and protect the people entrusted to their care. TAP App Security is the must have technological tool needed for 21st century crisis management.


Increase your emergency preparedness, reduce risk, and fulfill state and federal training mandates. All our services are provided by real experts with real-world experience in emergency management, security, and hazard mitigation.

  • Crisis Communications Training
  • Tabletop Disaster Response Training
  • Emergency Management & Security Training
  • Threat Assessment & Management Training

  • Risk Assessments/Safety Audits
  • Threat Assessment Investigations
  • Emergency Response Plan Development
  • Business Continuity Plan Development

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